FinTechReg - Switching Suppliers

If you choose the appointed representative regulatory path then a good working relationship with your principal firm is essential with everything from cost to responsiveness and service important attributes to measure.

Sadly sometimes these relationships break down and should you be searching for an alternative supplier then we are happy to give free confidential advice on the options available for switching providers.

We aim to exceed the service level of any other provider, be more cost effective and also ensure no downtime whilst switching.

  • FinTech Sectors We Regulate
  • Crowdfunding
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Family Offices
  • Funds
  • IFISAs
  • ISAs
  • InsureTech
  • PaymentTech
  • Peer To Peer & Direct Lending
  • Private Equity
  • PropTech
  • Robo Advisers
  • VC & Angel Funds

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